SLAG made a total donation of 2190 CHF through our charity fund for the flood affected victims in Sri Lanka. The torrential rains island wide wreaked havoc with so many people displaced in many parts of the country.

First we supported the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society (SLRCS) to enable the relief operations through a donation of 1000 CHF. The SLRCS was able to use this money to provide mainly non -food relief items that was so essential to the victims. The SLRCS also collaborated with the Disaster Management Ministry of Sri Lanka to conduct a needs assessment. As the floods were fairly wide spread with the help of the SLRCS we were able to reach the most vulnerable across many parts of the island.

A further sum of 1190 CHF was also channelled for flood relief to Sri Lanka through the direction and personal supervision of Mr.Sudath Lokupilla, one of our EXCO members. This money was used to provide mattresses, sheets, towels and other essential items to the affected victims in Sri Lanka.




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