Third phase of the ‘VISION RESTORATION’ Cataract Project

Continuing the third phase of our ‘Cataract project’, we are pleased to inform you that to date, we have completed 29 cataract surgeries through Phase III funding. They now have good eye-sight. This will be a fantastic New Year gift to these poor people. We will provide you with further details soon. The highlight is that we managed to conduct 29 surgeries at the cost of Rs.10725.00 per surgery, for a total cost of Rs.311,025.00. This has brought the number of beneficiaries who have received new sight through SLAG up to 107. I hope you agree that this is a great milestone that the SLAG membership can be proud of.

We hope to collect funds for phase 4 of the cataract project soon. Each operation (including lens, medical management, food and transport to health canter) will cost 90 CHF. In result of this fundraising, we have received 100,000 LKR donation in early January 2018 from Dr. Sumudu Atapattu who is living in USA.

We are once again grateful for your support for this wonderful gesture for our needy fellow Sri Lankans. Every member of the SLAG should be proud of their contribution that has helped change the lives of this needy people. They have expressed their thanks and gratitude in many ways as restoring one’s sight is one of the most meritorious acts. We plan to continue our charity activities with greater vigor this coming year and will keep you updated of our progress.

Cataract surgery 2017-10th Group

  Patient Name List – 2017-09-21(Fit)

No   Name Address Gender Age T.P. Number
01 S. Rathnasekara 497, Alpitiya Road, Bogahawatta, Ambalangoda Male 62 0912258513
02 W. Leelarathna Sobitha Mawatha , Brahmanawatta, Balapitiya Male 67 0912258513
03 Ranjani  Jayaneththi Pilaminawatta, Dodangoda. Female 65 0759761018/0772338496
04 K.L. Guruge Ruksara Sewana,Masvila, Ampegama Female 77 0917921171
05 E.Somawathi Daluwathumulla, Thelwaththa Female 60 0778389252
06  A.H.Amarawathi Kalupe , Hikkaduwa Female 74 0773712946

Cataract surgery 2017- 12th  group

Patient Name List – 2018.01.23

No Name Address Gender Age Phone No
01 W. Bandula Mendis N0.38, Galagoda Male 57 0774275826
02 W. Piyaseeli Kuruduwatta, Kalupe Female 68 0915732838
03 G.P. Somawathi Senasuma Mawatha  Ampegama Female 65 0912293835
04 D.Leelawathi Kalupe, Seenigama Female 72 0717191258
05 T.D. Rukmini Seenigama, Hikkaduwa Female 74 0766917216
06 M. Amarasiri Seenigama, Hikkaduwa Male 63 0773862902
07 Padmini Mendis Malawenna, Thelwaththa Female 59 0719408436
08 S.H. Pemalatha Maharuppa, Kuleegoda Female 67 0715828581
09  G.V. Vilot Kiralagahawela, Meetiyagoda Female 85 0779765715
10 S.H.Chalat Maharuppa, Kuleegoda Female 68 0715828581
11 S.M.Bandusiri Devagoda, Madampagama Male 60 0752231120