Talk on Mental Health

A Talk on “Mental Health development in Sri Lanka: The role of the community” was conducted by Professor Nalaka Mendis (FRCPsych) at Quaker hall on Friday, 19thOctober. Professor Mendis is renowned for his work in Psychiatry in Sri Lanka and he is currently Professor of Psychological Medicine, University of Colombo and the President of the National Council for Mental Health “Sahanaya”

Following this informative and interesting discussion, Professor Mendis was asked numerous questions on various topics in the field of Mental Health by the audience and it was obvious that if time had permitted, it would have gone on for far longer. This talk, the first of its kind to be organized by SLAG in recent years, was regarded upon as a wholehearted success by both organizers and others present and many expressed their desire for similar educative events to be organized in the future.