About Us

Welcome to the official web-site of the Sri Lankan Association of Geneva (SLAG). Established in 1985, the main objectives of the Association have been to promote social, cultural and sporting activities among the Sri Lankan community living in and around Geneva.

SLAG is not limited to promoting community interaction. The Association is actively involved in funding programs for the marginalized and needy in Sri Lanka. The income for these charities are usually generated through annual fund-raising activities.

Geneva is “home” for over 300 expatriate Sri Lankan families and continues to attract visitors world-wide for its diversity and cosmopolitan flavour. The Association maintains a very friendly and cordial relationship with the local administrative authorities who welcome and promote integration of all expatriate and local communities to forge a vibrant and international Geneva.

Association membership is open to all Sri Lankans living in and around Geneva and to all friends of the Sri Lankan community.

There is on-goimg work on this website and some pages are in the process of being updated/construction. Please bear with the delay but will be updated soon to keep you in touch with current events. The site would be best seen on Internet Explorer.

Feel free to browse our links and your comments are wlcome. Any newsowrthy contributions should be addressed to the webmaster at SLAG