‘VISION RESTORATION’ Cataract Project-Phase 11

Continuing the second phase of our ‘Cataract project’ we are pleased to inform you that to date, we have completed 21 surgeries – 17 women and 4 men in Sri Lanka in partnership with the Foundation of Goodness.

Another group of 20-25 candidates are being screened presently and undergoing various check-ups for the next batch of surgeries. Following the mandatory clearances required, we hope to select another 11 beneficiaries for the next round of surgery scheduled for mid- March. This would bring our total number to 32 surgeries from the second phase alone.

It is with great satisfaction that we record a total number of nearly 85 needy, vulnerable people have been restored with their eye sight in the First and Second phases of the ‘VISION RESTORATION’ project in the last 2 years funded by SLAG and implemented in partnership with the Foundation of Goodness. We are thankful to Mr. Chinta Rajab.

We are once again grateful for your support for this wonderful gesture for our needy fellow Sri Lankans. Every member of the SLAG should be proud of their contribution that has helped change the lives of this needy people. They have expressed their thanks and gratitude in many ways as restoring one’s sight is one of the most meritorious acts. We plan to continue our charity activities with greater vigor this coming year and will keep you updated of our progress.

No Name Age Address Gender T.P. Number 
Y. SaumyasiriY. Saumyasiri 55 Thelawatte Male 0787688857
2 L. H. Weerakkodi L. H. Weerakkodi 68 Akurale Female 0765441890
3 R. S. K. PathminiR. S. K. Pathmini 64 Ahangama Female 0772871885
4 K. SomawathiK. Somawathi 60 Baddegama Female 0773145447
5 Anula Kariyawasam 75 Kahawa Female 0912257641
6 P. D. E. Ariyawansa 64 Rathgama Male 0771460543
7 K. H. Leelawathi 69 Boossa Female 0771774114
8 W. Karunawathi 63 Ambalangoda Female 0775831563
9 M.G.Jagoda 74 Thalgampala Female 0915615537
10 T. Kariyavasam 68 Kahawa Female 0767090722
11 S. H. Bandusiri 59 Madampagama Male 0752231120
12 P. Upali Thelakasiri 66 Seenigama Male 0769144931
13 A. Piyawathi 56 Galagoda Female 0770065788
14 M.P.D Senawirathna 67 Akurala Female 0778553196
15 W.N Rajakaruna 78 Kahawa Female 0777114521
16 P.D Lilawathi 76 Dodanduwa Female 0771512270
17 Meurin Perera 70 Boosa Female 0772177819
18 W. Siriwardhana 67 Rathgama Female 0772142715
19 K.A Leelawathi 63 Seenigama Female 0915789246/0779961059
20 M. Violet 65 Kahawa Female 0775098011
21 S.S Karunawathi 67 Thotagamuwa Female 0772207074

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