The Sri Lankan Association of Geneva is actively involved in funding programs for the marginalized and needy in Sri Lanka. The income for these charities are usually generated through annual fundraising activities.

Fundraising and disbursement is a year-round activity. Hence, request applications from the membership will be open at all times. However, all applications should be through the SLAG Charity form that must be completed in order for the Charity Committee to review the application. Completed forms may be submitted by post to the SLAG mailing address, or preferably by email to genevaslag@gmail.com. The form is downloadable from the SLAG web site. All applications will be acknowledged. The Charity Committee may contact the applicant for further information.

The Committee does not wish to place any restrictions as to the type of project or the amount requested. However, as stated in the guidelines for applicants, preference will be given to small projects in Sri Lanka which are focused on the marginalized, needy and poor, and for which external funds are necessary and/or strategic. As we continue to be transparent, we require accountability, as these funds are raised through the collective efforts of the membership. Accordingly, acknowledgement and follow-up are prerequisites for the funds to be given to a project.

The Committee wishes to thank in advance all those involved in this task and looks forward to reviewing the submitted applications.

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